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Project | 01

Editor | Ten Years in America

Ten years ago, I came to America with my twin sister by my side. From not being able to speak English to becoming the person we are today, we wouldn't have been able to do any of this without your support and love. So thank you to everyone who has made an impact in our lives. Our ten years were filled with lots of laughters and love. We can't wait to see what the next ten years have in store for us. 

Project | 02

Videographer & Editor | Class Project

For my senior capstone class, I was partnered with High Point Museum. During my volunteering hours, I realized blacksmiths are very rare and nobody really know what they do. Therefore, I went on a hunt and found out some amazing things about blacksmiths. 

This broadcast story won the "Best Broadcast Journalism Story" at High Point University. 

Project | 03

Videographer & Editor | Class Project

For my second class project in my senior capstone class, I decided to do another broadcast story and take everyone on a tour through the historical park of High Point city.

Project | 04

Videographer & Editor | Triad News 360

My partner Zach Tucker and I did a story on Lexington BBQ, a family restaurant in North Carolina that makes the most authentic southern BBQ.

Project | 05

Anchor | Triad News 360

Sitting in the anchor's chair always reminds me of why I decided to pursue my dreams in journalism. Here is a video of me anchoring the weekly news show for Triad News 360.

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